Governance Model

The governance model powering the Ajira Pay Finance platform.

Token Architecture

Ajira Pay Finance has 3 tokens in it's ecosystem.

  1. $pAJP

  2. $AJP

  3. $veAJP


VotingEscrow AJP($veAJP) is the non-transferable token that is used as the unit of Ajira Pay Finance voting power.

It is received by staking or locking $AJP tokens. The veAJP balance decays linearly as the remaining time until the staked or locked AJP unlock decreases.


Prior to the AJP launch, the pre Ajira Pay Finance token (preAJP) is used in community incentives and reward programs which will become redeemable on a 1:1 ratio for $AJP after a successful launch.

Currently, as you create streams and token vesting schedules, our platform's revenue model is such that we deduct 0.5% of the asset being deposited, this gives you an equal amount of $pAJP prior to official $AJP launch.

For more details on fees and rewards, please refer to the Fees and Rewardssection.

Get started early, accumulate $pAJP and stand a chance to be one of our earliest $AJP holders.


AJP is Ajira Pay Finance's native token that will be staked or locked to receive $veAJP to strengthen a holder's voting power and control of Ajira Pay Finance through onchain governance.

It is an Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) that will live on multiple chains powered by Layerzero and Stargate Finance

Please have a look at the $AJP architecture at the Overview of AJPsection

Voting Power and Governance Model

Governance is vital to the decentralization and autonomy of the Ajira Pay Finance protocol.

Governance determines all network and incentives matters including:

  1. Partnerships,

  2. Integrations with other projects,

  3. Development of new usecases,

  4. Tokenomics updates,

  5. Reward Distributions

  6. Emissions Criteria.

Time Weighted Voting

Ajira Pay Finance is governed by Ajira Pay Finance ($AJP) token holders by voting escrow through $veAJP received by staking or locking $AJP.

Time-weighted voting is used to provide long-term Ajira Pay Finance token holders greater governance weight and control of the Ajira Pay Finance protocol.


From time to time, a vote may require a change to the Ajira Pay Finance protocol or its treasury that requires action via multisig. A multisig of trusted group of community that is responsible for signing on behalf of AJP holders and must strictly adhere to any directives given via the governance process.

Ajira Pay Finance DAO Foundation

This foundation is dedicated to supporting the growth, development, and sustainability of the Ajira Pay Finance protocol.

The foundation is in charge of:

  1. Platform Maintenance.

  2. Researching on other valuable DeFi use-cases beneficial to the community.

  3. Marketing.

  4. Partnerships with established protocols.

  5. Organizing grants and rewards to core contributors and integrations as voted by the community.

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