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Welcome to the official Ajira Pay Finance documentation.
As Ajira Pay Finance, we have rolled out our first product, a seamless token streaming and vesting infrastructure on the KAVA EVM blockchain, one of it's kind on the Kava EVM blockchain. The token streaming platform will enable DAOs, grant programs, crypto investors, employers, freelancers and the global crypto ecosystem to seamlessly stream crypto every second to their clients and or team members. At the same time, projects and investors can set up custom token vesting/lockup schedules that suit their needs. We are the pioneer token streaming and vesting infrastructure on the KAVA EVM and we are delighted that you are looking forward to joining us in this journey.


Ajira Pay Finance is a decentralized web3 protocol for secure and seamless crypto payments. At Ajira Pay Finance, we provide the infrastructure for employers, web3 teams, investors, projects, grant programs, VCs, freelancers and any other crypto holder on the Kava EVM blockchain to create seamless payments in real-time through our real-time token streaming platform at https://stream.ajirapay.finance. Also, we enable projects and founders, investors to create custom token vesting plans/schedules for their tokens and or community members and focus on their growth without worrying about how to handle their custom vesting schedules, we automate all that on our end. Unlike our competitors, we believe community involvement is at the heart of the success of any web3 project and with this firm belief, Ajira Pay rewards it's platform participants through the Ajira Pay Finance token ($AJP) proportionate to fees paid either when linearly streaming or vesting. We hereby invite you to join us in this journey and be a part of our community. Please join our community at Join the Communityfor information and news relating to $AJP Liquidity Generation Event(LGE). At the moment, as you interact with our platform while either creating token streams or token vesting schedules, your $AJP reward accrues which will be available for claim after the LGE and token launch.
To democratize digital finance by acting as a bridge between businesses, companies, enterprises and the global crypto economy.
To start token streaming and vesting, please visit https://stream.ajirapay.finance/​
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