Withdraw From A Stream

This section describes how you can withdraw from a stream as a stream recipient.

In order to withdraw from a stream, first, please visit https://stream.ajirapay.finance and click on "My Streams" at the navigation items on top of the page or when using a mobile version of the app, please click on 3 bars to expand the navigation tiems. This will present you will the above interface once you have connected to the platform via your preferred decentralized wallet(Preferably Metamask).

At the end of each row of your stream history, there is a Manage button which will open the individual stream page with analytics and stream information. as shown below:

At the stream info page, you will see the button to withdraw as shown below, please click on it.

Once you click on the Withdraw button , a withdrawal modal will pop up as show below:

At this modal pop up, please enter the amount to withdraw and approve the transaction upon wallet pop up.

This will transfer the specified amount to your wallet.

Please note that we do not charge any fees on withdrawals.

Before the above steps, please ensure you have KAVA in your EVM wallet for paying for the gas fees.

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