Cancel A Stream

A guide on how to cancel a stream as a sender.

Please ensure that as the sender of the stream, you have an agreement with the recipient that you are cancelling the stream prior to the process.

At each individual stream interface, as the stream sender you will be presented with the above interface where you can perform a cancel on a stream on the conditions of the following:

  1. If the stream is still in progress and has not yet reached the 100% mark for streaming duration.

  2. The stream was not previously cancelled(still active)

When you clock on the Cancel button, you will have the pop up show below appearing asking you whether to exit or continue with the cancel process:

At this pop up, whn you click on yes, you will be shown the decentralized wallet as shown below for you to aprove the transaction.

Please note that you will need KAVA on the EVM in your decentralized wallet to pay for gas fees

Please also note that the protocol does not charge any fees on cancelling a stream.

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