Creating A Stream

This section gives a guide on how to create a token stream on Ajira Pay Finance on the KAVA EVM blockchain

NOTE: We have launched V2 of the Dapp here on Linea Mainnet, Polygon POS and Arbitrum One chains with V2 also coming to KAVA EVM soon. V2 is completely free

This guide shows how to get started with KAVA EVM on V1 of the Dapp here , the same process applies for V2 of the Dapp here on Linea Mainnet, Polygon POS and Arbitrum One, the only thing you need to do is switch to your preffered chain, i.e. if you are creating a stream on Linea Mainnet, you can follow the guide by selecting Linea Mainnet on your wallet of choice, preferably Metamask or OKX Wallet

First, head over to the official Ajira Pay Crypto Streaming platform where we have hosted the streaming Dapp.

If you are not connected, please connect your decentralized wallet as shown below:

Once you clock on the "Connect Wallet" button, you will be presented with the connect wallet pop up on as shown below where you will chose your preffered decentralized wallet as shown below:

After connecting the wallet, you will see the following form where you will input the details as below:

In order to create a linear stream, you will need to specify the following:

  • Recipient Address(EVM address).

  • Amount of tokens to stream in total.

  • Stream start date and time.

  • Stream end date and time.

  • The ERC20 token to be streamed from the select dropdown.

Fees are currently disabled on V1 here until further notice. On V2 here, we do not charge any fees at all.

Once you fill up these details, you can then submit the transaction by clicking the (1) Approve the token spending allowance, (2) submit the transaction to the blockchain.

Currently, we charge a 0.5% of the amount to be streamed. Please refer to the Fees and Rewardssection for more details

Before the above steps, please ensure you have KAVA in your EVM wallet for paying for the gas fees.

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