šŸ„‡Fees and Rewards

Platform participation rewards and community incentives

Fees on V1 here paused until further notice.

We do not charge any protocol fees on V2 here

In V1 of the linear token streaming and token vesting solutions of the Ajira Pay Finance platform, the architecture is such that when creating a stream or a token vesting schedule, there is a 0.5% fee charged on the amount of the asset that is deposited.

This fee attracts an equal amount of $AJP token in rewards, as an example, Bob wants to stream to Alice 500 USDt over some specified duration, the fee is calculated as follows:

protocolfee=depositāˆ—percentage/PRECISIONprotocol fee = deposit * percentage / PRECISION


deposit = amount of asset in this case USDt,

percentage = a configurable value between 0 to 120 currently at 50 (0.5 %)

PRECISION = a constant value set to 10000 to help in decimal calculations

With this we have:

fee = 500 * 50 / 10000 = 2.5  USDt

Therefore, the total stream amount in USDt that will reach Alice is as follows:

amount=depositāˆ’feeamount = deposit - fee
500 - 2.5 = 497.5 USDt

The fee is channeled to the protocol treasury to help the team in the following areas:

  • Platform maintenance and improvements including payments for RPCs.

  • Marketing.

  • Paying our devs and team.

  • Community programs

  • Crypto Taxation for local jurisdictions where Ajira Pay Finance is registered

From the above calculation, upon creating a successful stream, Bob will secure 2.5 reward tokens in $AJP of which, 10 % of this is sent to him instantly while the rest is subjected to a linear stream for a maximum duration of 6 months to control $AJP inflation.

The same applies for the case of token vesting.

The percentage of fee charged is meant to cushion the protocol and support further growth activities and platform improvements.

The total linear stream duration for the rewards is subject to change as shall be deemed fit by the community with relation to $AJP circulating supply after launch.

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